Observational data products for key parameters of marine environmental change (2022)

The ocean is an important component of the Earth system, and its contribution to and modulation of global change is receiving increasing attention. The study of global change signals relies heavily on observational information, and a set of gridded data with complete global ocean coverage is an important basis for research in disciplines such as climate change and sea level rise. However, the marine environmental data products that are widely used in global change studies have different degrees of limitations, and few or even no mature data products are available so far for marine environmental parameters that affect and participate in global change.
    Focusing on the above problems, the research team from IOCAS、IAP et al. have developed international advanced ocean data processing technology, formed a complete set of ocean key parameters observation data processing system, and built a large ocean data processing system with regional and quality advantages. The research team has developed a standardized technology system for developing marine environmental change data products, and developed the first domestic and international leading series of long time series global marine environmental change data products, which provide important data support for global change research.