1960-2020 Global Ocean Absolute Geostrophic Current Grid Data Product with 0.5-degree Resolution

Dataset Overview

The raw data of global 0.5 ° C ocean temperature data products from 1960 to 2020 are from all field observation data in the World Oceanographic Database (WOD),including XBT,CTD,Argo,Bottle,MBT,Glider,Mooring and other observation instruments. The data generator uses the XBT data deviation correction scheme (CH14 scheme) proposed by the atmosphere to correct the historical XBT data. At the same time,we use the interpolation method proposed by the atmosphere (Mapping: improved set optimal interpolation) to interpolate the data in space,which uses high-resolution climate or earth system models (LICOM; GFDL-CM4); Three CHOR reanalysis results and 20 CMIP6 high-resolution mode simulation results provide dynamic ensemble samples.

Dataset Details

Spatial Resolution: 0.5°

Time Resolution: 月平均

Product Number: 2017YFA0603200_001

Create Institution: Oceanographic Data Center,Chinese Academy of Sciences (CASODC)

Created By: Chenglijing

Creation Date: 2022-10-17T02:54:02.881Z

File Size: 12

Data Format: NetCDF

Type Of Data: 栅格

Data Label:

Paper Citation

Cheng L., K. E. Trenberth, J. T. Fasullo, T. Boyer, J. Abraham, J. Zhu, 2017: Improved estimates of ocean heat content from 1960 to 2015, Science Advances, 3, e1601545. http://dx.doi.org/10.1126/sciadv.1601545

Data Citation

Cheng Lijing, Li Guancheng. 1960-2020 Global ocean tempera-ture grid data product with 0.5-degree spatial resolution. 2022

Data Licence Agreement

In order to respect intellectual property rights and protect the rights and interests of data authors and data service providers, data users are requested to mark the data sources in the research results based on this data (including project evaluation reports, acceptance reports, academic papers or theses, etc.), and mark the references to be cited according to [citation].

Funded Projects

National Key Research and Development Program "Global Change and Response" Key Project "Development of Data Processing Methods and Products for Observing Key Parameters of Marine Environmental Change (2017YFA0603200)";Strategic Priority Research Program of the Chinese Academy of Sciences(XDA19060000).