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Identification and Trajectory Data Set of Global Ocean Rotating Quasi-ordered Lagrange Vortices Based on Satellite Altimeter (V2.0)

Dataset Overview

The dataset is a global Lagrangian mean vorticity deviation dataset from 1993 to 2019 obtained from sea level anomaly velocity field data obtained from satellite altimeter The Lagrangian mean vorticity deviation dataset, the identified 90-day rotating quasi-ordered Lagrangian vortex dataset, and the 90-day rotating quasi-ordered Lagrangian vortex trajectory dataset obtained from the advection motion of velocity field data. Merged Surface altitude anomaly velocity field data from the Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service All-SAT product. Among them, the Lagrangian mean vorticity deviation data set adopts Mat file format, and the rotating quasi-ordered Lagrangian vortex recognition and trajectory dataset adopts Json file format, which is stored quarterly and provides global Lagrangian vortex information (vortex type, boundary, area, vortex center, trajectory, etc.) and other parameters.

Dataset Details

Spatial Resolution:

Time Resolution: quarter

Product Number: XDA19090202_012

Create Institution: Ocean University of China; Qingdao Pilot National Laboratory for Marine Science and Technology

Created By: Tian Fenglin; Liu xiao; Dream king charming; He Qiu; Chen Ge

Creation Date: 2021-12-19T16:00:00.000Z

File Size: 4

Data Format: Mat; Json

Type Of Data: Other

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