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Global data products of ocean eddies by remote sensing

Ocean eddies are ubiquitous, widely dispersed, carry a lot of energy, and are even capable of enfolding other substances, making them ideal for the research of substance circulation, energy cascades, and multi-sphere coupling in the ocean. Furthermore, they play a vital role in the transportation of ocean substances, energy, and momentum, as well as in the coupling of sea-air systems and the evolvement of ecological and sedimentary systems. In this project, the horizontal and vertical observation datasets for ocean eddies have been developed based on satellite altimeter data since 1993 (Copernicus Marine Environment Monitoring Service). Using Eulerian and Lagrangian eddy tracking methods, this project established a mesoscale eddy identification, tracking, splitting, and merging mechanism to observe the whole life cycle of an individual eddy and apply statistical analysis to global and interdecadal properties of eddy groups. Based on vertical thermohaline data gathered from Argo buoys since 2002, this project developed 3-D vertical structure datasets with a one-day temporal resolution and 200GB storage capacity using altimeter data and Argo independent identification method.