Global 30m surface coverage fine classification products

Land-cover is an indispensable basic information for climate change research, ecological environment assessment and geographical situation monitoring. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of Remote Sensing Science and technology and computer storage and computing capacity, the application demand of long time-series global 30m land-cover dynamic monitoring products is becoming more and more urgent. To achieve the goal of automatically monitoring long time-series global 30m land-cover dynamics, we used our newly global 30m land-cover products with fine classification system in 2020 (GLC_FCS30-2020) as the benchmark reference dataset, and then proposed a novel and automatic land-cover monitoring strategy by coupling with continuous land-cover change detection models with the dynamic updating algorithms, and finally produced the time-series global 30m land-cover dynamic monitoring products (every 5-year) using the continuous time-series Landsat imagery. It should be noted that our global land-cover dynamic monitoring products inherited the classification system of GLC_FCS30-2020, containing 29 land-cover types.