Global 30-m spatial distribution of forest cover in 2020(GFC30_2020)

Dataset Overview

Based on Landsat series satellites, China GF-1, GF-6 and other satellite images, GFC30_2020 achieved a spatial resolution of 30 m, using machine learning algorithms with global ecological geographic partitioning and crowd source sample data. The data source uses the 2020 global forest vegetation growth season images, and when the data quality cannot meet the requirements due to cloud coverage or other reasons, data with similar time will be selected. The overall accuracy of the product is higher than 85%.

Dataset Details

Spatial Resolution: 30m

Time Resolution: 2020

Product Number: XDA19090301_002

Create Institution: International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals

Created By: Xiaomei Zhang; Guojin He; Tengfei Long

Creation Date: 2022-04-25T16:00:00.000Z

File Size: 1010

Data Format: GeoTiff

Type Of Data: grid

Data Label: