Lijiang River Basin Sustainable Development Data Products in Guilin

    Located in the northeast of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, Guilin is a world-famous scenic city, one of the first historical and cultural cities in China, and an ecological landscape city. Guilin has beautiful landscapes and ecological livability, and has enjoyed the reputation of "Guilin's landscape is superior to the rest of the world" since ancient times, with the Lijiang River selected as one of the world's 15 most beautiful rivers and the Guilin Karst included in the list of the world's natural heritages, which has been praised as the "most suitable city for human habitation". 2018 On February 13, Guilin became one of the National Sustainable Development Agenda Innovation Demonstration Zones, building a beautiful city with the theme of sustainable use of landscape resources.
    The Li River is the "golden name card" of Guilin's beautiful landscape, and taking good care of the beautiful landscape of the Li River is the core of realizing Guilin's sustainable development, promoting the integration of urban ecological protection, urban development, and people's lives, and creating a world-class tourist city. The Guilin Li River Basin Sustainable Development Data Product analyzes the current situation of the development of the Li River Basin on the basis of scientific big data, providing rich data resources for the construction of the beautiful Li River.