Geo Crop Production Data for Africa from 2010 to 2020 (GeoCropProd_Africa_10km_2010-2020)

Dataset Overview

This data product presents the production of four major crops: maize, wheat, rice and soybean, in a geographical grid format. Quantifying the spatial distribution and trends in food production, and identifying the key factors limiting increased food production, are essential for taking effective action to increase food production and achieve food security in Africa. This data product comprehensively shows the spatiotemporal distribution pattern of major crop production in Africa, reflecting the synthesis of various elements such as regional land productivity, crop growth conditions and agricultural management efficiency. It contributes to the analysis of the driving mechanisms behind changes in crop production, providing valuable guidance for the growth of food production and sustainable agricultural development in Africa, and promoting the achievement of the SDG2 goal of zero hunger. This data product shows the production of four major crops: maize, wheat, rice, and soybean, presented in a geographical grid format.

Spatial Resolution: 10KM

Time Resolution: One session per year for 11 years from 2010 to 2020

Product Number: XDA19090201_010

Create Institution: International Research Center of Big Data for Sustainable Development Goals

Created By: Hongwei Zeng; Xingli Qin; Bingfang WU

Creation Date: 2023-08-28T06:51:06.466Z

File Size: 3

Data Format: GeoTiff

Type Of Data: grid

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