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Water Resources Data

Water resources data refers to the collection, collation and analysis of all kinds of data and information related to water resources, including water quantity, water quality, precipitation, hydrology, geological and geomorphological data, water resources use and water resources management data. Scientific data related to water resources are of great significance for applications in the fields of decision support for water resources management, water resources planning and forecasting, water environment protection, early warning and prevention of water disasters, and water resources research and education.


Data NameTime                                                                      Geographical Scope                                                           
Annual average transparency monitoring dataset of Dongjiang Lake water body in Chenzhou City, China
1988-2021Chenzhou Dongjiang Lake
Satellite remote sensing monitoring of water transparency at High Chair Ridge, Chenzhou
2015Chenzhou Dongjiang Lake
Remote Sensing Monitoring of Changes in the Shoreline of Dongjiang Lake
2017/2020/2022Chenzhou Dongjiang Lake
Global precipitation data2016-2022Global

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