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Geohazard Data

Geohazard data refers to all kinds of data and information related to geohazards, including data on geohazard events, geohazard image ranges, geohazard monitoring, geohazard factors and geohazard prevention and control measures, etc. It is applied to the prevention and reduction of disaster risks, post-disaster recovery and reconstruction, scientific research and theoretical exploration, and it can help us to understand the mechanism of geohazards and the law of evolution, so as to predict and assess the potential disaster risks; it can guide post-disaster land planning and reconstruction and promote rapid economic and social recovery of the affected areas; it can improve the knowledge and understanding of geological hazards and promote the development of geohazard science.


Data NameTime                                                                              Geographic Location                                                       
Spatial Distribution of Geological Hazard Sites in the Country
2010                                     National Regional Geological Hazards, Water Systems and Coal Mining Sites

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