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This system serves as a portal for releasing and sharing data resources of "Big Earth Data Science Engineering Project (CASEarth), a Strategic Priority Research Program (Class A) launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). It provides a variety of data mining models, such as item classification, keyword search, tag cloud filtering, and data association rules. Additionally, it facilitates data acquisition via various methods, including online downloading and API access. The customised services available within this system enable you to view, preview, and query multi-format data online, as well as publish and share scientific discoveries globally.

Data Sharing License Agreement

This Agreement is subject to relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China, as well as the data sharing management measures of the "Big Earth Data Science Engineering Project" (hereinafter referred to as CASEarth). This Agreement is protected by relevant laws and regulations of the People's Republic of China. All data information (including but not limited to data products, text, graphics, trademarks, logos, labels, buttons, icons, images, videos, sounds, data, data processing and software, etc.) published on relevant platforms of CASEarth are subject to this Agreement.

You acknowledge and agree to abide by all the terms of this License Agreement when viewing and using the material information provided on the CASEarth related platforms.


Section 1. Definitions

1. This Agreement: "Data Sharing License Agreement" provides a generic Agreement for the sharing of data works in any manner and form by the original data authors, users, and data managers in the field of science. This Agreement applies to data information published on CASEarth related data management and sharing platforms, which mainly refers to data products in the field of earth sciences, including but not limited to remote sensing, astronomy, solar-terrestrial space environment, paleoclimate and paleoenvironment, solid earth, marine and polar regions, natural resources, atmosphere, terrestrial surface, biosphere, cryosphere, terrestrial hydrosphere, human factors, and typical regional scientific data research works. This Agreement also aims at protecting the rights and obligations of the data's original authors, users, and data managers.

2. Original Author: The natural person who created the data work or the legal person or other organisation that is legally regarded as the work's author in the field of earth sciences. The provisions of this License regarding "original author" shall apply to natural persons, legal persons, or other organisations in the following circumstances to accomplish the License's purpose:(1) The original author of original data, which includes data works shared on CASEarth related platforms that have not been processed or interpreted by the data provider, refers to the copyright owner of the original data.(2) The original author of processed data, which includes data works shared on CASEarth related system platforms, refers to the natural person, legal person, or other organisation that created the data work with full ownership.(3) When the authorship of data work is unclear, the original author of the work (such as a publisher) who retains copyright (except authorship) over the work is referred to as the original author.

3. Derivative works: Works created using data information and data works published on CASEarth related data management and sharing platforms, such as data work transformed, converted, or produced in different forms with a specific scientific theory based on shared data. Under this License, works that tamper with the attributes and features of the original data without authorisation are not regarded as derivative works.

4. Compilation works: A collection of literary, artistic, or scientific works that constitute an intellectual creation through the originality in the selection and arrangement of their contents, where this work and its accompanying explanation documents, in their complete and unaltered form, constitute an entire collection with one or more other works, and where each constituent work is a distinct and independent data compilation work other than those listed in item 1 of this Section.

5. Licensor: The natural person, legal person or other organisation that provides the data work under this License.

6. You: The natural person, legal person, or other organisation that has not previously violated this License with respect to the work or that has previously violated this License but has obtained the express consent of the Licensor to exercise its rights under this License.

7. Distribution: The act of making available to the public an original or copy of data work or derivative work through the sale or other transfer of rights.

8. Public dissemination: Broadcasting of data work to the public through any means or process, including networks, wired and wireless storage devices.

9. Reproduction: The act of making copies of the data work and its related documents by printing, photocopying, rubbing, copying, etc.

10. Personal right: The right of publication, the right of authorship, the right of revision and the right to protect the integrity of the work granted to the author by relevant laws.


Section 2. Fair Use

This License is not intended to curtail, limit, or constrain your fair use of relevant data works under the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China or any other relevant law regarding limitations or exceptions to copyright protection.


Section 3. Services

1. You can freely register, browse, query, download and share data works and pages released by CASEarth related platforms.

2. In terms of users, the CASEarth will provide you with information published on CASEarth related data management and sharing platforms, as well as cloud computing services provided by the "Big Earth Data sharing service platform" and other services. You have the right to use relevant services if you fully agree to this Agreement and relevant scientific data sharing rules of the People's Republic of China.

3. In terms of data producers, CASEarth related data management and sharing platforms provide you with scientific data storage, data works sharing, online analysis, high-performance computing, and other services.

4. CASEarth related data management and sharing platforms have provided CSTR, DOI, PID global unified identifiers for shared data.

5. You can freely register CASEarth related platforms, which will protect your information.

5.1 Please provide the registration information in good faith. You guarantee that the registration information provided is true, accurate, complete, up-to-date, legal, and valid. If there is any change to your registration information, you should update the registration information promptly. If the registration information provided by you is illegal, false, inaccurate, or incomplete, you shall bear the corresponding responsibilities and consequences, and the platform reserves the right to terminate your use of the platform services unilaterally.

5.2 You grant the platform permission to gather information about you from various sources, including transactions, after-sales and customer services, and activities, when you register, browse, query, download data, upload data, etc. The platform will keep your privacy strictly confidential unless authorised by you, unless to fulfil a mandatory legal obligation (such as a directive from a national security agency) or as otherwise required by law, this Agreement or other terms and conditions.


Section 4. Restrictions

This Agreement is made in accordance with relevant laws, regulations, and rules of the People's Republic of China. You agree that when using the services of this website, you shall strictly abide by the provisions of national and local laws, regulations, industry practices and social and public ethics. The authorisation in Section 3 shall be limited by the following provisions:

1. You shall comply with the terms of this License Agreement when accessing, downloading, or publicly transmitting the data works. You shall not transmit or publish statements that incite resistance to or undermine the implementation of the Constitution and laws and administrative regulations, incite subversion of state power, overthrow the socialist system, incite secession, or undermine national unity, incite ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination or undermine national unity. You shall not interfere with the security and normal operation of the Internet and this website or invade this website and the national computer information system. You shall not transmit or publish any information including but not limited to illegal crimes, harassing, defaming, insulting, threatening, hurtful, vulgar, obscene, violent, uncivilised, and other information. You shall not abet others to engage in acts prohibited by this Section. You shall not provide any convenience for others to use this website to publish, store or transmit information that does not comply with national regulations and/or provisions of this Agreement and other provisions. You shall not use any illegal means to obtain other users' personal information, shall not use other users' information for any commercial or non-commercial purposes, and shall not disclose the personal privacy of other users or right holders. Otherwise, CASEarth reserves the right to take reasonable measures as stipulated in this Agreement and other terms to stop your above-mentioned behaviour, and criminal liability will be pursued in cases of serious misconduct.

2. You must comply with relevant laws and regulations of People's Republic of China when transmitting data and information from Mainland China to overseas.

3. You must respect data licensors' intellectual property rights and relevant opinions when creating compilation works or processing derivative works. If you receive a notification from any of the licensors, you shall, to the extent possible, adjust the labelling and references of relevant information, including the identity of the original author and other information related to the original works, such as citations and labels. You must retain intact all copyright notices relating to the work and provide the following information in a form appropriate to the medium or method of distribution when distributing or publicly distributing any compilation work or processed derivative work:(1) You are using the name or pseudonym (if provided) of the original author. Or if the original author or Licensor designates, through the Licensor's copyright notice or other reasonable means, that the name of another party may be attributed to the work (the "Attributed Party").(2) The data should be cited as: data from the "CASEarth Data Sharing and Service Portal" when the data provider is unknown, or the work is private to CASEarth. (http://data.casearth.cn).(3) To the extent reasonably practicable, a web link that the Licensor specifies should be associated with the work that refers to the copyright notice or licensing information for the work.(4) For the avoidance of doubt, the provisions of this Section relating to the indication of the author's name and the title of the work only apply to derivative works for the purposes of the foregoing attribution only. By exercising Your rights under this License, you must not assert or imply any connection between the Original Author, Licensor or any other Attribution Party and you or your use of the work, or sponsorship or endorsement by the Original Author, Licensor or any other Attribution Party of you or your use of the work, without their separate, express prior written permission.

Unless otherwise provided by relevant laws and regulations, you may not misrepresent, damage, or otherwise harm this work in any way that would harm the original author's reputation or honour when reproducing, distributing, or publicly performing it, or when reproducing, distributing, or publicly performing it as part of any derivative work or compilation work.


Section 5. Representations, Warranties and Disclaimer

Unless otherwise expressly stated in writing, all information, content, materials, products (including software) and services published on CASEarth related data management and data sharing platforms are provided on an "as is" and "as available" basis. CASEarth requires that the accuracy, reasonableness, and scientific validity of the content of the data works shared by the Licensor pass a quality test. However, CASEarth makes no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied, with respect to such content (except as otherwise provided by the laws of the People's Republic of China). CASEarth does not guarantee the exclusion of all possible incorrect data (some data are not quality controlled). Please refer to our description of the data's quality in the accompanying documentation when using the data. We are not responsible for any loss caused because of potential problems in the data you use. When sharing and using data works, the Licensor and user shall avoid containing data that is not allowed to be shared publicly under relevant laws, such as state secrets, national security, public social interest, commercial secrets, personal privacy, etc. Any violation is your personal legal responsibility, and CASEarth is not responsible for any resulting legal responsibility.


Section 6. Limit of Liability

Unless required by relevant laws, the Licensor will not be liable to you for any direct, indirect, punitive, or exemplary damages arising out of or in connection with this License or the use of the work, even if the Licensor has been advised of the possibility of such damages.


Section 7. Termination

1. This License and the rights granted herein shall automatically terminate upon any breach by you of any terms of this License agreement. Even if this License is terminated, Sections 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, and 8 shall survive any termination of this License.

2. Subject to the above terms, the License granted herein shall be valid for the duration of applicable copyright in the work. Notwithstanding this, the Licensor reserves the right to release the work under different License terms or to stop distributing the work at any time. However, the above rights of Licensor shall not be used to withdraw this License, or any other License granted or required to be granted under the terms of this License, and this License shall remain in full force and effect unless terminated as stated in item 1 of this Section.


Section 8. Others

1. You are deemed to have read and agreed to this Agreement when you register, download, or use the material information or data works published on CASEarth related data management and sharing platforms.

2. The conclusion, execution, interpretation, and dispute resolution under this Agreement shall be governed by the laws in force in the Mainland of the People's Republic of China (excluding its conflict of laws and regulations). In the event of any conflict of laws between this Agreement and the applicable laws, these terms will be reinterpreted in full accordance with the provisions of the law, while the other terms will remain in effect. In case of any dispute between the Parties concerning the content or implementation of this Agreement, the parties shall endeavour to resolve it amicably. If no agreement can be reached through negotiation, either party may file a lawsuit with the Mainland Regional Court of the People's Republic of China with jurisdiction over the location of the data management and sharing platforms.

3. This Platform respects your legal rights. This Agreement, as well as all other regulations, statements, after-sales service policies, and other contents published on the website, are intended to provide you with more convenient and superior services. CASEarth data management and sharing platforms welcome you and people from all walks of life to put forward opinions and suggestions and would like to accept and amend this Agreement and regulations as necessary.

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