CASEarth Signed Strategic Cooperation Agreement with UNEP China

  On November 3rd, CASEarth signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the United Nations Environment 

Prgram (UNEP) in Beijing. Zhang Yaping, the vice president of the Cihnese Academy of Sciences, attended the 

signing ceremony. Director of CASEarth, Academician Guo Huadong and Dr. Liu Jian, director of the Science 

Department of UNEP, signed the agreement on behalf of both parties.

  The cooperation between CASEarth and UNEP aims to comprehensively strengthen the relationship in the field 

of big earth data on both sides. Driven by the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, and in support 

of the Global Environmental Strategy of UNEP, both parties will construct a core system of Technology 

Facilitation Mechanism to serve the SDGs to further achieve the common goals of protecting ecological 

environment, rationally utilizing natural resources, and promoting sustainable development.

  The vice president of CAS pointed out that the CAS has always attached great importance to the cooperation 

with UNEP, and signing the agreement has laid a solid foundation for further cooperation. The two sides have 

already reached consensus in the field of global environment monitoring, the report of Global Environment 

Outlook, and earth science data sharing. In the future, through in-depth cooperation, we will make better use of 

the multidisciplinary advantages of the CAS and use big earth data to promote the rational use of global 

resources, contributing to international development cooperation and the implementation of the sustainable 

development agenda.

  On behalf of the UNEP, Mr. Liu Jian said in his speech that he was very pleased to have signed the agreement 

with CASEarth after one-year preparation. The signing of this memorandum has great significance for protecting 

global environmental resources and promoting sustainable development. He hoped that CASEarth will become 

an important technical support to promote the achievement of UN’s sustainable goals, and make unremitting 

efforts for global environmental protection, as well as the maintenance and improvement of the human 

residential environment.

  Mr. Guo Huadong, the head of CASEarth, suggested that the cooperation with the UNEP is a milestone. From 

the very beginning, CASEarth has maintained close relationship with the UNEP and has good foundation for 

cooperation in preparing the Global Environment Outlook and the project of constructing the Big Earth Data 

Ecosystem. The purpose of CASEarth is to apply interdisciplinary scientific discoveries in order to build a platform 

for big data sharing and cloud services in the field of natural resources, environment, biology and ecology, 

studying a series of major scientific issues in a systematic and integrated way, promoting the technological 

breakthroughs in the field of big earth data and major discoveries in the field of earth science.

  The cooperation with the UNEP represents that CASEarth is moving forward from China to the world. 

In the future, CASEarth will strive to strengthen the integration and sharing of big earth data, contributing to the 

construction of the “Belt and Road” and “Digital China,”  making efforts to realize the Community of Shared 

Future for Mankind and UN’s sustainable development agenda.

  Representatives from the CAS Bureau of International Cooperation and CASEarth attended the signing ceremony.

Guo Huadong, Head of CASEarth, and Dr. Liu Jian, director of the Science Department of UNEP signed the agreement