User Guidance of Data Sharing Service System for Big Earth Data

The portal is built for the release and sharing of data resources of "Big Earth Data Science Engineering Program (CASEarth)" launched by the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS). The portal provides a variety of data mining models, such as item classification, keyword search, tag cloud filtering, association rules, etc. It also provides multiple data acquisition patterns including online download and API access. It provides online services for multiple data formats such as view, preview, and query. Additionally, the portal supports advanced functions such as data assessment, validation, download, and cloud analysis for customized needs.

Core Functions

  1.                  Data discovery and access:  Provide multiple modes for data discovery and access service such as keyword-based full-text retrieval, time-space maps, and classification systems, etc.

   Data filtering and sorting:  Support cloud label view for data resource and its level-by-level filtering service; support multi-attribute conditional filtering and customized sorting display.

   Data association and recommendation:  Provide service for associative computing and discovery based on metadata of data resources; provides data recommendation service based on user behavior.

   Data viewing and display:  Provide an extensible data online display management framework; provide a variety of data online display services based on file types; and support online query and export of tabular data.

    Data download and assessment:  Provide online data download using API interfaces; support a variety of social functions including tagging, rating, commenting and sharing of data resources.

   Data customization service:  Allow logging of user behavior, accessing and displaying the history of users’ view; support management of users’ favorites and comments.

  Statistics of classified data service:  Provide data access at multiple levels, classification of data download, statistics and viewing services.

     1.  User login

① Click "Sign in" in the upper right corner of the screen.

② Users of Chinese Academy of Sciences can login directly through their email accounts. Other users can log in using their registered mail addresses. If the user does not register, the system will display a password or account error message. To register, please click "Sign up now" on the right side of the page, fill in the information to complete the process, and then log in again.